Trúnó - Reykjavík's Only Gay Café


In the house that now is the home of both gay dance club Barbara (second and third floor) and Trúnó queer café, Laugavegur 22, (street level) used to be the most famous gay club 22 in the 80's so it is very fitting that today it is once again the "gay palace" of Reykjavík.

The idea of Trúnó was born within a few individuals that found each other and made it a reality. Amongst them were Eva María and Birna Hrönn who were brought in to make it happen and are the managers. They are very invested in the Reykjavík gay scené and amongst many things they have been members of the gay pride planing comittee for years, form the dj duo, Dj Glimmer and play at many gay events and recently founded the pink tourist company Pink Iceland.

The idea of Trúnó is a very chic, fabulous gay café, it is open from 11 in the morning til 01 in the evening and longer on weekends. It is designed especially to cater to the queer crowd in Iceland and the decor of the place does just that.

From the ceiling hangs the biggest discoball in all of Reykjavík and on the wall you can read "Homo sweet homo" along with vinil albums starring amongst many: Barbara Streisand & Diana Ross .

Trúnó's grand opening was on October 20th so it is very young of age. Buisness is flourishing and Trúnó has been welcomed by Reykjavík with open arms. There hasn't been a gay café in Reykjavík since 2007 so the demand for a place like Trúnó was high.

We want Trúnó to become a second home to the queer comunity in Iceland, wether it is to sit down for a cup of coffee, enjoy a nice meal, go crazy over the amazing cocktails and spin the wheel of fortune.

You can find Trúnó on facebook and soon on , there you can take a look at the event calendar and menu and look at some photos from the place.

From the beginning we wanted to label Trúnó as a gay café - straight friendly. We thought that our crowd deserved that the most fabulous place in town was officially theirs.

We demand respect from our customers and if we become aware of any prejudice we politely ask them to leave, when in Trúnó you feel happy and proud to be queer. Everybody is welcome to Trúnó as long as they show up with love and respect :)